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Home / Events / Sailing taster

Sailing taster

19th May - 28 July
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These sessions are for new or prospective members who have little or no previous sailing experience.

To book...

1) Check available dates first here.

2) If there are spaces click on the date then "create an account" and enter some basic information. This is not an application for membership and you can manage your information by logging back in at any time (including signing up or removing yourself from any mailing lists).

3) Click the green "Book" button.

4) Answer the questions and read the booking terms then click "Done".

Please look out for your booking confirmation, you will receive this within three days of your taster:

Booking confirmation informtion:


Thank you for booking a sailing "taster" at South Staffordshire Sailing Club, to find us please turn off the A5 onto Gailey Lea Lane (first left after the M6 Junction 12 towards Cannock). We are at the bottom of the lane, please use the second entrance for the car park, and take care on the lane. Please aim to arrive 15 minutes before the stated start time to allow time to park and for introductions etc.


It is very unlikely you will get wet but you can never say never! So please bring a change of warm clothes just in case. It is generally recommended that you wear sports clothing for your taster, rather than cotton or denim, which absorbs water and makes you cold when wet, and soft soled pumps/trainers. A waterproof outer layer should be worn if it is raining. Due to limited changing facilities, please arrive dressed ready to sail.


As with any sporting activity there are always risks and clearly there are inherent risks in water sport. For this reason the wearing of a personal flotation device (PFD) or "buoyancy aid" is mandatory at South Staffs Sailing Club both on the water and on the Jetties. A correctly fitted/sized PFD will prevent you from sinking but will not keep you face up in the event of unconsciousness, unlike a Life Vest. If you have your own PFD or Life Vest please bring it with you for your taster, otherwise we can provide a PFD but please note that we do not have Life Vests. Injury from the boom (metal pole extending from the mast with the sail above it) is also a recognised risk particularly when tacking or gybing (when the boat turns through the wind). This includes the risk from your own and other boats when launching and recovering on and around the slipway/jetty. Head protection can be worn for this purpose but is not provided. Entanglement in ropes during a capsize is rare but can occur, a small safety knife can be carried for this eventuality.


Please take care when launching and recovering boats from the slipways as they can become extremely slippery below the waterline, efforts are made to scrub them regularly but they are a recognised hazard despite this. Gailey Lea is known to contain blue green algae, which can cause stomach and skin problems. It is generally recommended to drink some cola if you consume any water.


All events at South Staffs Sailing Club have been risked assessed, as an outdoor activity the risk of transmission is significantly reduced. Sundays taster are likely to take place in a members own boat and they may have just sailed in club races with another member, further more you will come within a metre proximity of the member during your taster. Whilst the Coronavirus remains in circulation some risk still exists and you are encouraged to consider these risks and make your own decision. Hand sanitiser and surface spray/wipes will be available for use. You will be required to wear a face covering during the taster, please bring your own. Before attending you must perform a self-symptom check, if you or anyone in your household have one or more of the following Covid-19 symptoms: A high temperature, A new, continuous cough or A loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste, or have been told to self-isolate, please do not attend the taster. You can cancel your taster online or us the "Contact us" page on the website.



This event encompases the following:

Last updated 7:23am on 30 May 2021

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