Annual Trophy Races

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History of Events

Commodore’s Day

H.V.Gough Commodore’s Trophy

Victor Gough is one of South Staffordshire Sailing Club’s (SSSC) founder members and the Clubs first Commodore.  Victor Gough was in the first boat ever to sail at SSSC at its original location in Calf Heath reservoir in September 1954.  His building firm provided the hard core for the foundation of the Clubs original entrance and boat park.

J.Clement Jones Commodore’s Salver

Clement Jones is one of South Staffordshire Sailing Club’s (SSSC) founder members and the Club’s first Honorary Secretary.  Clement Jones was the features editor of the Express and Star, who drew together a desperate band of enthusiasts who can rightly claim to have been among the early pioneers in the rapid post war expansion of the development of inland sailing clubs.

Commodore’s Novice Salver

The Commodore will award this to someone who, in his/her opinion, has shown significant improvement and/or achievement over the last year.

Midland Cup

To be sailed at New Quay weekend.  If possible 4 races to be sailed – 3 to count. It will be awarded to the overall winning Club helm sailing a Club class boat & to be based on SSSC’s current PH numbers. This cup will be sailed in conjunction with the Uffa Fox Seamanship Trophy.

Uffa Fox Seamanship Trophy

To be sailed at New Quay weekend. If possible 4 races to be sailed – 3 to count.
It will be awarded to the overall winning Club helm sailing a Club class boat based on SSSC’s current PY numbers.
This trophy to be sailed in conjunction with the Midland Cup.

Uffa Fox cut the scarlet ribbon that stretched across the newly-constructed slip way and unveiled a commemorative plaque at the Club’s official opening on Saturday 2nd April 1955.

Uffa Fox was the Duke of Edinburgh’s sailing companion and became Patron of the Club, Uffa Fox was a world famous Yacht designer and exceptional dinghy sailor.  (For further reading please see page 24 of the SSSC The First Fifty Years, a copy held at the Club House).

Uffa Fox presented SSSC with it’s first trophy, which at his suggestion included some seamanship tasks and was not a straight handicap race.  The trophy was first sailed for in 1955.  From 1960 onwards, the Uffa Fox trophy races have been held at New Quay.  The change to sailing on the sea was considered a great improvement, especially as so often there was a flat calm on Calf Heath, whereas at New Quay there was often a fource 4 wind and lively sea.  It has become a true seamanship event.

Sue Hunter Memorial Trophy

Three P.H. races, two to count.


Sue Hunter was a member of our club who sadly died in a road accident on the way home from the club. This trophy was presented by her father in loving memory of Sue. This trophy was first sailed for in 1963

Peter Waine Trophy

This Trophy is awarded to the overall winner of the three Bank Holiday races calculated on a P.H. basis. Nine races to be sailed with a total of four races to count. Start will be as Bank holiday PY races.


The trophy was presented by SSSC in 1993 to commemorate Peter’s 75th birthday.

Peter was a founder member of SSSC in 1954 and was Commodore in 1977-1978.

He was instrumental in the founding of our club and, with his wife Pam’s assistance, showed great passion over many years for the club and its aim to introduce and teach people this wonderful sport.

Outside of SSSC, he was also a member of Midland SC and Rangoon SC in Burma (now Myanmar) helping greatly to re-establish the club after the war.

He was also well known for his vast knowledge and experience of boat building and sailing in many parts of the world.

Bank Holiday PY

There will be a bottle prize for the winner of each individual Bank Holiday races, calculated on a P.Y. basis with two races out of the three to count. pm

Pamela Waine Trophy

One P.Y. race, including single-handers. The helm must be female. Race sailed in conjunction with the Mrs. H.V. Gough Ladies Trophy.


Pamela Waine was the Club’s first lady Commodore in 1989-90. Pamela was the SSSC Secretary from 1977 to 1987 when she became Vice Commodore and then Commodore. Pamela continued to be SSSC Secretary from 1990 to 1998. Pamela was an Honorary Life Member of the Club for many years.

Mrs H.V. Gough Ladies’ Trophy

Both helm and crew must be female. One P.Y. race. Sailed in conjunction with the Pamela Waine Trophy.

This trophy was presented by Mrs H.V. Gough for the Ladies Race in 1956.

The Gardner Trophy

Three P.Y. races, two to count.

This trophy was presented by W. R. Gardner in 1959.

The Calf Heath Trophies

Three Class races, two to count.

There are five Calf Heath Class Trophies: Calf Heath OK Trophy; Calf Heath Firefly Trophy; Calf Heath GP14 Trophy; Calf Heath Lark Trophy and Calf Heath Solo Trophy.

In the Victoria Hotel, Wolverhampton on July 22nd 1954 the club negotiated it’s first lease for dinghy sailing on the small Calf Heath reservoir.  It was less than a third of the size of Gailey Lower pool.  It was with Enoch Powell’s great help which finally ensured a successful conclusion to the club’s tortuous negotiations with the Waterways Executive.  In January 1955 members were organised into gangs for a co-ordinated programme of site clearance and construction.  South Staffs Sailing Club was born.

James Beattie Trophy

Three Pursuit races, two to count – trophy awarded to the overall winner.

The James Beattie Trophy was presented to the Club by James Beattie in 1960.  James Beattie (Senior) opened a drapery shop on Wolverhampton’s Victoria Street in 1877.  Over the next decade the store grew into a thriving business.  A fire in 1896 destroyed Beattie’s shop but Beattie was determined to rebuild his business.  Beattie relocated across the street, and this store proved still more successful than the original store.  After James Beattie’s death in 1934 his grandson, the younger James Beattie, was appointed Company Secretary.  In 1961 James Beattie became Managing Director and Chairman.  It is during this period that James Beattie presented this Trophy to the Club.  Up until 2005 when Beattie’s was taken over by the House of Fraser a monetary gift was also presented with this trophy.

Single-handed Trophy

One P.Y. race applicable to Firefly, GP 14 and Lark classes only.

Century Cup

One P.Y. race – entries for this race are limited to helms 50 years old or over and the sum of the ages of the helm and crew must total at least 100 years. Helm and crew cannot change during the event.

This Century Cup was presented by Cyril Richards in 1956. The Century Cup is presented to the winning helm and the winning Crew is presented with a Walking Stick which was first presented in 1966.

Mr. & Mrs Race

One P.Y. race applicable to Firefly, GP 14 and Lark classes only.  The lucky winners get the honour of receiving the Mr & Mrs Wooden Spoon.

R.N.L.I. Pennant

Date TBC

Boxing Day Race

One P.H. race. 2.00 pm start.

The Boxing Day race has two associated trophies, one for the helm and one for the crew.  The trophies were presented by G Parkes and D Horton in 1988.

New Year’s Day Race

One P.Y. race. 2.00 pm start.

Flamank Trophy

One day team racing event for club fleets, sailed in Fireflies.