The House Band are back – Saturday 24th March…

The House Band are back for another night of entertainment, supporting the South Staffs Lark Open on Saturday 24th March. The band are being supported by our own resident DJ Stomzy and also local acoustic duo ‘Scouting for Salmon’, ensuring that this is a memorable night with fantastic entertainment.

The House Band will be playing new songs while refreshing the set list with songs played in previous gigs. There are a mixture of songs to suit all tastes (and ages!). So why not come down and support/ sail in the Lark Open and then dance the night away to your favourite songs? The bar will be fully stocked as normal and the list is now up in the clubhouse adjacent to the bar.

Tickets are £5.00 per person. Snack food may also be available on the night (TBC). Carriages from midnight onwards.

The event is open to all members (and all ages). If you have any friends that are interested then also bring them along to, but please ensure that you reserve a place on the list, which is now up in the clubhouse adjacent to the bar. Ticket money will be collected on the night.

We hope to see you there!