General Committee

In accordance with the club constitution, the management of the club is by  a general committee consisting of the Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Club Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Sailing Captain, Sailing Committee Secretary, House Committee Chair, Social Secretary and Publicity Officer and six other members elected at the AGM. The general committee meets monthly.


   Dave Morgan 


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James Ashworth

Vice Commodore

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Tim Coleshaw 


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Brian Waymont

 Club Secretary

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John Billington


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 Martin Evans

 Sailing Captain

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Dave Croxford

Sailing Secretary

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John Edge

Membership Secretary

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Pete Fairhurst

House Committee Chair

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  James Croxford 


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  Holly Evans

 Social Committee

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Clare Waymont

Committee Member




Chris Jones

Committee Member




Kerry Toolan

Committee Member



Bill Bradburn

Committee Member




Jonathon Pugh

Committee Member




Dave Whatton

Committee Member