Improvers: RYA Level 3

The RYA Level 3 course is intended for sailors who hold RYA Level 1 and Level 2 dinghy certificates and has further sailing experience since their courses. Those applying for this course should be capable of sailing without an instructor onboard in light to moderate conditions. The course is structured to allow the opportunity for participants to practise and consolidate sailing techniques learnt to date and develop their boat handling skills.

Topics covered on the course will include:-

  • Boat speed control in all wind directions (including practising the Five Essentials);
  • Heaving to and reefing afloat;
  • Man overboard, picking up a mooring;
  • Anchoring;
  • Windward and lee shore landing;
  • ‘Dry’ Capsize recovery;
  • Rudderless sailing; and
  • Starting/ Finishing a Race.

Some of the topics above are taken from the Seamanship Skills course and may vary to suit each course. A good knowledge of all of the topics above will help participants with their general sailing and give you confidence when sailing elsewhere and in a different boat.

Note: This course is for RYA Level 3 certificates only and, although the course will cover modules from other advanced courses (including Seamanship Skills) no certificates for Seamanship Skills or any other advanced courses will be issued as part of this course.

Course Details

To be arranged

Cost: £30 Members only (to be confirmed)
(We have to charge as its a formal RYA course with certificate)

Please let training team know  (e-mail to Training Principal by clicking HERE) if you think you might be interested in this course.